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Parent & Students Notes and Reminders

Important Dismissal Reminder

You must have a dismissal card in order for a student to be dismissed to you.

If you are in a carpool, the driver must have the dismissal card for each student in the carpool.

It is our expectation that those picking up students will go through the pickup line. However, in case of emergency, drivers may park in the grass and meet students at the south end of the shrubbery. Dismissal cards are required. Please do not walk up to the building to retrieve your child(ren).

We ask that you not enter the building during dismissal unless it is an EMERGENCY.

A Word from Our Nurse

24 Hours Sickness Policy:

Please remember that if your child has fever, or is vomiting or has diarrhea, it must be a full 24 hours from the last occurrence before the child can come back to school. It is important to keep students home when they’re ill, not only for them, but to prevent the spread of illness.


Please check on your children at home each morning and decide if they should be in school. Sending a sick child to school is not good for the child, the other children, or the staff.

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