Frequently asked questions

What are the dates for the 2020-2021 school year?

High Point Academy will begin on Monday, August 31st, 2020. The last day of school will be on Thursday, May 27th, 2021.

What are the school day hours?

Our school day will run Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM. Our charter states that we are an extended day school.

Is there an after school program available?

Yes! F.A.C.E.S. of Success (FOS) is excited to return this year as your after schoolcare provider! You can find out more information at or by visiting

How much is HPA tuition?

High Point Academy is a public school and as such does not charge tuition.

Are there specific district boundaries to attend HPA?

Students must reside within a 50-mile radius. Class sizes will be capped as follows: - Kindergarten: 20 students per class - First Grade & Second Grade: 22 students per class - Third Grade through Twelfth Grade: 24 students per class

Is HPA a part of Fort Worth ISD and do you use the FWISD calendar?

No, we are not a part of Fort Worth ISD. We are our own CharterDistrict and not part of any other. As such, we follow our own calendar although some decisions regarding bad weather closures may be influenced by the surrounding districts and their decisions to close during bad weather.

My child has been placed on the wait list. Can I find out where my child is on the wait list?

It is our district policy to not give out wait list information. Also, our wait lists do not carry over from year to year. The application process for the 21-22 school year will begin again in January 2021 with our lottery being held the first week of March.

If I have multiple children in the lottery, and only one of my children is drawn, will my other children still be placed?

At the time of the lottery, siblings of students who are drawn in the lottery are placed on their respective grade level lists if space is available on that particular list. If space IS NOT available, the siblings are placed on the waiting list for that grade, prioritized in the order in which they are drawn.

If my child fails their current grade at their current school, what happens to their placement at HPA?

The student’s placement in a grade other than that for which the student applied will be dependent on availability in the other grade. High Point will follow the laws set forth by the TEA. The student will be wait listed, with prioritization based on their date-stamped application.

Will HPA host registration prior to the start of school?

High Point Academy will normally host registration events during the summer.

What documents do I need to take to registration?

For each student, please provide us with the following documents - Proof of residence (utility bill – water, gas, electric, or lease) - Birth Certificate - Social Security Card - Parent/Guardian Driver’s License - Transcript and/or Report Card: Must show promotion to next grade level - State tests (STAAR, EOC) - Shot records - Disciplinary Records - School records* ​If you need to update your contact information with the school at any point during the year, you may do so by emailing *If we have not pulled your student’s school records for you after receiving a Records Request Form, then you must obtain and provide us with all school records.

What enrollment documents are needed if my student is homeschooled?

Enrollment documents include your child’s social security card, birth certificate, and educational testing documents, and any other supporting documents that indicate the student has completed a specific grade level. Students that were homeschooled will be required to take a placement exam for grade placement.

Will students at HPA wear uniforms? If so, where can I purchase them?

Yes, please see complete uniform information on the uniform by clicking here.

Does HPA offer foreign language options?

High Point currently offers American Sign Language and Spanish.

Do all students take piano class?

All students at HPA starting in 2nd grade attend piano where they are taught to read music. This is a self-paced class guided by teacher instruction. Students in Kinder and First attend a beginning music class to build a foundation for learning.

Does HPA offer band or orchestra?

HPA does not currently offer band or orchestra. We do however, offer percussion classes.

Is HPA able to serve students with 504's, IEP's, or SPED accommodations?

Yes, HPA follows all laws and protocol set in place by TEA and the State of Texas. HPA also has tutors on campus that help students who require additional support.

How does HPA accommodate gifted and talented students?

High Point Academy offers opportunities to gifted and talented students through a challenge lab program through which students will have the opportunity to engage in projects that will provide in depth learning experiences with particular concepts. Middle school students will be challenged through access to high school credits as early as 8th grade. The high school plan includes rigorous academic yearly growth expectations as well as enrichment activities in fine arts, projects and products, and leadership and service learning. These course offerings will ensure that the needs of gifted and talented students are being met.

Does HPA have National Honor Society chapter?

HPA has a National Junior Honor Society Chapter and a National Honor Society chapter.

Does HPA offer lunches, and if so, what is the cost?

HPA does not currently offer a hot lunch program. All students are required to furnish their own lunch. Our goal is to have a hot lunch program in the next few years.

Do students have access to a playground for recess?


Do students at HPA take field trips?

Yes, during a normal school year, field trips are offered throughout the year. COVID-19 has forced our annual field trip calendar to be placed on hold.

Do HPA students participate in fundraisers?

Students at HPA will participate in a limited number of fundraisers. Proposed fundraisers, including PTO sponsored fundraisers, require approval from the CEO/Superintendent.

How are discipline issues addressed?

At HPA, our values include honor, integrity, and service. We set high expectations for all of our students. Our HPA student handbook outlines the expectations of our students as well as procedures for handling any discipline issues that may arise.

How does HPA attract highly qualified teachers?

HPA posts open positions on the Region 11 Consortium in addition to offering a website link on which interested applicants may apply. Our charter states that all teachers to whom we offer positions must be certified and/or highly qualified. All of our teachers meet these criteria. In addition, many of our teachers hold multiple certifications and advanced degrees.