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High Point Athletics

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Athletic Directors:

Team Calendars:

Coach Schannon Kyner

Coach Greg Aytes

Coach Greg Aytes

Coach Christina Sifuentes

Coach Jonathan Bartee

Coach Andrew Morales

Coach Bryan Morefield

Coach Cameisha Fox

Coach Danny Corevera

Coach Carter Kilpatrick

Coach Nate Penland


Varsity Boys - Bryan Morefield


High School Girls - Camiesha Fox


JV Boys - Andrew Morales


Middle School Girls - Schannon Kyner


Middle School Boys - Greg Aytes

Track and Cross Country

Head Coach - Nate Penland


Assistant Track - Schannon Kyner


Assistant Track - Camiesha Fox


Assistant Cross Country - Billy Hazard


Varsity Coach - Pete Houpt

JV Coach -  Cameisha Fox

MS Coach - Schannon Kyner


Varsity Boys & Girls - Danny Corvera


Middle School Boys &Girls - Christina Sifuentes


High School - Carter Kilpatrick


Middle School - Jonathan Bartee


High School - Bryan Morefield

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