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February 15, 2022


It has come to our attention today that persons have been impersonating employees of High Point Academy online and are attempting to falsely induce others into employment opportunities with our school. These impersonators have engaged in criminal activity by using the school’s logo and value statements to unlawfully pursue personally identifiable information from unsuspecting individuals.  Based on the information we have right now, the following individuals have used email and the What’s App phone application to criminally impersonate HPA employees for the purpose of inducing persons who posted resumes on the CareerBuilder(TM) website to share their name, address, phone numbers and other personal information in exchange for an employment agreement with HPA:


Mr. Darryl Clayton:

Mr. Tom Frenchman

Mr. Jonah Pohlman


These persons do not work for and are not agents of High Point Academy or its charter holder, FIAFW, Inc.  If you are approached online by these persons or by any other persons online about employment opportunities at High Point Academy, then notify law enforcement immediately.  Bonafide employment opportunities at High Point Academy are marked by job postings on the school’s official website, by voice phone calls, by in person interviews, or by video conference interviews with HPA staff who are actually employed by High Point Academy and empowered to make hiring decisions on the school’s behalf.


The HPA Superintendent is in the process of working with the school's attorney and with law enforcement agencies to identify and to prosecute the persons responsible for these illegal online acts.  If you have any information about this criminal activity, please contact Mrs. Jana Tennyson immediately.  Mrs. Tennyson is the HPA Business Manager and HR Director.  She can be reached at (817) 601-7912 or at  

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