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Captain's Log

Greetings Parents and Guardians,

I often get asked why doesn't my child ever have homework? One reason is that our students have the opportunity to finish assignments in class. This way the teacher can monitor how they are doing and correct any mistakes or misconceptions as they happen. Sometimes students don't complete their assignment in class and will need to finish it at home. Students should, however, be reading every night. Most teachers assign reading logs to their classes and want them to be filled out each week. Did you know that reading at night not only helps your child's reading skills but it can also help your child to relax, which in turn helps them to fall asleep faster and have better quality sleep? So, if your child doesn't happen to have any homework please remember to have them read every night. This will help develop oral language skills, increase vocabulary, and helps with comprehension. Those are just a few of the benefits of reading with your child at home.

Parents and Guardians, would you like to earn some extra money? We are always in need of substitute teachers. The process to sign up is very easy. Let me know if you are interested!

Mrs. Beauchamp is sending home the steps for you to get into PowerSchool to see your child's grades. We want our parents using PowerSchool to keep an eye on grades and their attendance. Please keep in mind that Kinder's report card is different from the other grade levels. Kinder parents you will only see fine arts and specials grades and attendance. Also, we no longer have six 6 week periods, we now have four 9 week quarters district wide in all grade levels. For questions about logging into powerschool please EMAIL Mrs. Beauchamp at:

Friendly reminders:

Please do not drop-off cupcakes for student's birthdays in the middle of the day. They can bring cupcakes in the morning when you drop them off for school.

Remember to stay in your car when dropping off your students in the morning during dismissal. Students should be ready to get out when your car comes to a stop. If they need help an adult can help them that is close by.

To speak with an administrator it is best to email or call to set up an appointment. If you just show up at the school to visit with one of us chances are we are in a meeting or classroom, or with a student. We do our best to answer emails and return phone calls within 24 hours. Please keep in mind that most questions and concerns can be answered by your child's homeroom teacher.

Thank you for parking and coming to the front door when you are running late in the mornings or afternoons and don't see a staff member out front. We understand that this is inconvenient for you, but all of our staff have responsibilities in the mornings and in the afternoons as well. We appreciate your efforts in getting your child here on time and getting them picked up on time as well.

Thank you so much for choosing High Point Academy as your child's elementary school!

Upcoming Events:

Sept. 5--Labor Day, School Holiday

Working Together,

Jana Godkin

Elementary Principal

High Point Academy, SFW

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