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First Day

First Day


We survived the first day! I just wanted to touch base and say thank you for your patience and flexibility. This is definitely a learning process for everyone and I know tomorrow will go smoother than today and the next day even smoother until everything is flowing perfectly!

If you were unable to get something to work today it’s ok. Don’t stress, just email the teacher and let them know. All of the grades have evening zoom hours so feel free to hop on and ask questions or get help.

Remember that students have until 11:59 each night to get work turned in.

3-6 Chromebooks

We discovered today that Savvas was having a problem synching and we called them so hopefully tomorrow it is up and will no longer cause any issues.

Another Chromebook thing that came up was the camera. Some of them have the privacy screen covering the camera. On the actual computer right above the camera is a slide button that you can slide over to open the camera.

K-2 Fire Tablets Tips Please do not do an update or it knocks you out of everything.

Also, if your apps do not show up, at the top of the device change the profile and see if the apps appear. For example, if you are in the green one switch to the orange and vise versa.

Finally, to see the Seesaw assignments make sure the tablet is horizontal.

Help!!! If you need help tomorrow please reach out to your teacher or call the school. I am set up in the office from 8-10 and then 1-4 to troubleshoot or answer technology questions.  Together we can make sure the frustration level is reduced, the students are learning and being successful.

If you hear of someone not receiving these weekly emails please have them check their promotions folder and if it’s not there contact me.

If you have any questions or need any help please email me at

Have a great evening, Heather Houpt Principal


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