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First Day In Person

First Day In Person

Good evening, Today was a great first day with the kiddos!!! Thank you all with your patience with dismissal. Dismissing from the classrooms was a bit different for us but we have made some tweaks so that tomorrow will hopefully go faster!

Symptom Screener Please make sure to screen your student for COVID-19 symptoms and do not bring them if they have symptoms or have been exposed to a confirmed positive case!

COVID-19 Symptoms include:

▪ Feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit 

▪ Loss of taste or smell 

▪ Cough 

▪ Difficulty breathing 

▪ Shortness of breath 

▪ Fatigue 

▪ Headache 

▪ Chills 

▪ Sore throat 

▪ Congestion or runny nose 

▪ Shaking or exaggerated shivering

▪ Significant muscle pain or ache 

▪  Diarrhea 

▪  Nausea or vomiting

▪  Known contact with someone who has a lab confirmed case of COVID-19

Supplies This is a reminder that your student needs their own personal supplies. Their supplies will go into their own plastic tub provided by the school. Students need pencils, colored pencils/crayons/markers, glue sticks and scissors at the very least. If there is a financial issue in getting supplies please let me know.

QR Codes If your student arrives after 8:15 you will need to get out of the car and scan the QR code on the front door.

If your student has an early dismissal you will need to scan the dismissal QR code on the front door.

If your student is sick or you have a doctor/dentist note please email it to

Reminders:  No Backpacks No Lunch deliveries No Visitors

Yes Lunchboxes Yes Water bottles Yes Masks (3-6 required, K-2 recommended) Yes Uniforms from Academic Outfitters

Have a good night, Heather Houpt Principal

#HPASFW #HPASFW #inperson

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