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Happy New Year, Flu, Lost and Found

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful break. I am sure your students are anxious to get back to school;
we are excited to see them all! Just a reminder that Monday is a teacher work day. Students will return to school on Tuesday,
the 9th. As always, please follow our calendar at

Tardies to School
Before the break I asked for your help with our morning tardies. We did see some improvement,
but we are not where we need to be yet in reaching my goal of 15 or fewer tardies each morning.
I need your help in getting your children to school on time. Often, just leaving two minutes early is all it takes.
I know we had several traffic and weather issues before break. I monitor traffic and weather and make adjustments as necessary each morning.

Flu Season
The flu is in full force in our area. Our cleaning crew will be taking extra steps as to disinfect surfaces around the school.
Teachers will also encourage students to wash hands frequently. Nurse Campbell reminds us that if a student has had a fever,
vomiting, or diarrhea in the last 24 hours they cannot come to school until the student is symptom free for 24 hours
(without the administration of medication). Any medications that students need to take must be given directly to the nurse by an adult
and may not be carried by students.

Lost and Found
Our lost and found is overflowing. We have lots of good items that need to be reunited with their families.
Please feel free to check for lost items in the mornings during drop off. We will begin to assemble a clothes
closet soon with the items that we are accumulating.

As always, please visit our website and online calendar at

Thank You
Principal Lott

#FluSeason #LostandFound

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