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HPA SFW - Weekly Newsletter

WHAT'S COOKING at HPA SFW - Week of 02/14/2022

BEGIN 5th SIX WEEKS/VALENTINE'S DAY - 02/14 The 5th six weeks of the school year begins! It is also Valentine's Day and students may wear red, pink or anything valentiny...jeans are acceptable. REPORT CARDS/COLLEGE DAY - 02/16 Report cards for the 4th six weeks go home. It will also be Colelege Day, and students are encouraged to wear a college shirt w/jeans, khakis or a skirt. VAL-O-GRAMS - Leadership Club Fundraiser/NEED Project The HPA Leadership Club would like to thank you for your support. Sale of Val-O-Grams totaled over $1000.00!! The money raised will help with trip costs this summer to Washington D.C. for the NEED Youth Awards. NEED PROJECT SURVEY An energy survey has gone home with students. Please complete the survey and have your student return it to their teacher. This survey is part of what will be needed for the NEED project. HEALTH PROTOCOLS The use of face coverings at school is strongly encouraged. Please keep your student(s) at home if:

  • your student is showing signs of here for a list of symptoms to look for that may be Covid-19 related

  • you or your student are awaiting test results for Covid-19

  • your student, or someone in the home has tested positive for Covid-19

Notify our school immediately with any positive Covid-19 results by emailing: Click here to view the "Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services" plan. SATURDAY SCHOOL To maintain compliance with TEA requirements, and make up instructional minutes, Saturday School may be assigned to students for:

  • attendance

  • behavior

  • 10+ tardies within a six week period

  • 10+ early dismissals within a six week period

  • Saturday School hours are 8:00am-12:00pm

  • students need to be dropped off and picked up on time

  • students dress in their regular HPA uniform

  • please follow the coned lanes for drop off and pick up


  • Our school hours are 8:00am-4:00pm

  • School doors open at 7:30am

  • Please do not leave your student unsupervised at the front doors before that time

  • Students should remain in their vehicles until 7:30am when staff members and student leaders are on duty

  • If your student gets dropped off by a daycare or other alternate driver, please make them aware of this important safety procedure

  • Afternoon dismissal begins at 3:45pm...please make sure your student is picked up no later than 4:00pm

  • We appreciate your cooperation with these drop-off and pick-up procedures


  • All students should be seated in their classrooms by 8:00am to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance and morning announcements with their classmates

  • Classroom instruction begins at 8:05am

  • To minimize classroom disruption, and ensure that each student has the best start possible to the school day, all students need to arrive on time

  • Students arriving after 8:05am are considered TARDY

  • We understand that circumstances arise occasionally, but ask that every effort is made for a timely arrival each morning


  • Please be sure to arrive before 3:30pm for an early dismissal

  • For early dismissals due to doctor appointments, please provide a doctor's note


  • Food deliveries are not allowed

  • If a student forgets to bring lunch, please feel free to drop it back off before 9:00am

  • Food items sent in for parties/celebrations need to be store-bought and brought in by the student in the morning...someone will be available to help students to their classrooms



  • Please do not drop-off and leave your student unattended at the front of the school before 7:30am

  • School doors open at 7:30am, at which time staff is available to help students enter the building quickly and safely

  • There is not a crosswalk from the neighboring church property to our sidewalk. Students should not be dropped-off to run across the street without an adult. There is moving traffic and it is extremely dangerous

  • Please take every measure to keep your student(s) safe

  • Notify your daycare or alternate driver of these important safety procedures


  • All outside staff members will be on duty at the front sidewalk and doors helping students get into the building quickly and safely

  • Walk-up will be available for parents who choose to walk their student to the front doors

  • Do not drop off your student to walk across on their own. The streets are slippery when wet, and it is unsafe

  • Notify your daycare or alternate driver of these important safety procedures


  • A walk-up option will not be available during afternoons when rain is more than a drizzle, or temp is very cold

  • All outside staff members will be on duty in the back helping students to their vehicles quickly and safely

  • Notify your daycare or alternate driver of this safety procedure


Please be considerate of others, and practice "safety first" by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • PLEASE DO NOT move, drive around, or drive over the orange cones or barricades in our parking lot

  • PLEASE DO NOT pass around other drivers in our parking lot

  • PLEASE TURN RIGHT when exiting our parking lot

  • Notify your daycare or alternate driver of these safety guidelines


  • Students need to be in uniform daily, Monday-Thursday, unless otherwise specified

  • Uniforms may be purchased from Academic Outfitters

  • Solid (no graphics) red or navy hoodies may be worn at school

  • Click here for the HPA uniform dress code


  • Every Friday is SPIRIT FRIDAY and students may wear a spirit t-shirt with jeans, khakis, shorts or skirts

  • Shorts/skirts need to be fingertip length

  • The uniform polo is not considered a spirit t-shirt

  • Students not in spirit wear will need to dress in regular HPA uniform

  • Students may wear distressed jeans, however, leggings must be worn underneath jeans with holes at or above the knees


02/14 - Begin 5th Six Weeks

02/14 - Valentine's Day (wear red or pink, jeans allowed)

02/15 - Math Benchmark, grades 3-6

02/15 - School Board Meeting, 7:00pm-9:00pm

02/16 - Report Cards/College Day (wear college shirt/jeans allowed)

02/17 - Reading Benchmark, grades 3-6

02/21 - No School, President's Day

02/22 - Tutus, Ties & mismatched Tennies (wear tutus, ties, and mismatch your tennies on this special TWOSDAY! 2-22-22)

02/24 - Living Wax Museum (honoring some of the many impactful African Americans)

03/10 - Spring Open House

03/14 - Spring Break this week

03/21 - Classes resume

Thank you for sharing your student(s) with us! We appreciate your continued support as we work together to ensure a fun, safe and successful school year for all.

Diana Greenhouse

Elementary Principal


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