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Important Calendar Update from CEO

August 3, 2020

Good Afternoon High Point Family,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are looking forward to a productive week. For our teachers and staff, today is the first day of the new school year. It is a time of preparation and team building as we ready ourselves to start the year strong! We expect this to be a great year filled with learning opportunities, new experiences and academic adventures across all grade levels.

In order to bring everyone up to speed, during last Thursday’s board meeting (07/30/2020), the Board of Directors voted to amend our school calendar to reflect an August 31st school start date. Following that decision and after a great deal of deliberation among the Leadership Team, the decision has been made to start our school year with distance learning for all students as a way to phase into school. All grade levels (K-12th) will participate in distance learning through September 27th. Parents/guardians can expect to receive an email from their campus Principal no later than September 10th offering the option to select either “on campus” or “distance learning” for their student(s) beginning September 28, 2020. As of now, our plan is for students to be allowed onsite for “on campus” instruction beginning September 28, 2020.

Since the school year will begin with distance learning, all sports and extracurricular activities are postponed until students return to campus for on campus instruction. As of 09/28/2020 sports and extracurricular activities may begin for students who return to school for on campus instruction. Given the fact that parents/guardians may elect for their student(s) to participate in distance learning, please understand that distance learning students will not be allowed to participate in sports and extracurricular activities, including try-outs and/or auditions. In other words, if a student participates in distance learning beyond 09/27/2020, they will not be allowed to participate in sports and extracurricular activities until they return to campus for full time, on campus instruction.

This will be a year full of firsts, fun, some frustration (I’m sure) and fantastic creativity! I want you to know that I believe in the collective ability of our school family – both staff and students alike. We are gearing up for a strong start to our school year and I invite you to partner with us in making this a positive experience all the way around.

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