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Instructional Setting Commitment Form

Instructional Setting Commitment Form

Good afternoon,

It’s finally time to choose how your child will continue learning for the next six-week period of the 2020-2021 school year!  Students who elect the in-person program will return to school on September 28, 2020 and will remain committed to in-person learning until November 6, 2020. Please complete the survey by Monday, September 14.

Please refer to the HPA Healthy Start document for additional information regarding in-person versus distance learning expectations.


  1. School hours:  8-3:45, Tardy Bell:  8 am Doors open at 7:30

  2. No Backpacks (private cubbies and supply buckets will be provided)

  3. Lunch boxes and water bottles ARE allowed

  4. Students will use their school-issued Kindle Fire (K-2) or Chromebook (3-6) in their daily classes, so please send them back to school (fully charged) with the charger on September 28.  Students will store them at school.

  5. Social Distancing requirements in place

  6. Masks required for all students 3rd grade and up and suggested for all students regardless of age.

  7. Here are some example pictures of the school:              


  1. No required Zoom sessions; optional Zoom support sessions and small Zoom group sessions available

  2. Assignments due by 11:59 p.m. each evening per TEA guidelines

  3. Students must show evidence of daily engagement in each subject area.  This can be accomplished by participating in optional Zoom sessions, emailing/communicating with teacher, turning in subject-area assignments daily

  4. Distance learning lessons and assignments will be the same as the lessons covered in class

  5. The amount of work/assignments are equal to in-person work/assignments

Please complete the following form for EACH STUDENT to select your preferred learning format. You will be able to make a change again the week of October 19th.  Here is the form

Please complete this short medical questionnaire if your student is coming back in person so that we have a baseline for your student’s health.

Have a great rest of the day, Heather Houpt Principal

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