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Notes from Principal – October 12, 2020

HPA Middle/High Students and Parents,

Just a few notes for the upcoming week:

Monday, October 12, 2020 is a school holiday for all students In-Person and Distance Learners.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 will be in school SAT testing for 12th Grade students. Please make sure our seniors are on time, well fed, and well rested for this opportunity.

Please be aware that we are operating a closed campus. We ask that parents come to campus only for emergency reasons. Please do not drop off forgotten homework, phones, dance clothes, supplies, etc. Students will have to do without, in these circumstances.

Senior Class is selling Senior Spirit Shirts and HPA facemasks. Please support the senior class in these fundraisers.

We have had several emails from parents identifying issues holding up the drop off/pick up lines or creating safety issues. Please follow procedures, these are all issues that the school has addressed as well. They are all safety issues.

Drivers on phones not paying attention to the line moving. The school has posted no cell phones in drop-off/pick -up lines.

At the Las Vegas Trail entrance, drivers must enter and exit by making right hand turns. Drivers waiting to make left hand turns, when leaving the school, back up traffic in the driveway. Drivers waiting to make left hand turns on Las Vegas Trail to enter the school, cause traffic to back up on LVT.

When waiting to enter the LVT entrance, drivers who wait before the turn complain that drivers go around them and cut the line to enter the school. This is encouraging drivers not to wait as they have been asked. This is a major safety issue.

    Please cooperate with school driving directives. This is truly about the safety of our Students.

Craig Shreckengast

High School Principal


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