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Notes From the Principal

Dear HPA Middle/High Parents and Students,

Just some quick notes as we approach the end of our first week of combination In-Person and Distance Learning.

Dropoff in the mornings is going well.

Pick-Up in the afternoon is a work in progress. We are still working on our student call system. Once we get the kinks out of that I think it will move faster.

Note for drop-off and pick-up. As you know we have requested and the White Settlement Police have warned that on the approach to our entrance on Las Vegas Trail, around the dangerous curve, that no cars should stop and block traffic. We have asked that you wait back near the apartments until the driveway traffic moves forward and then move forward to enter the school driveway. I have had multiple complaints that when people are complying with this request, other cars are cutting in front of the people waiting and basically cutting the line. I am asking that you be considerate and wait your turn. We are doing our best to move cars through the line quickly. We are trying to avoid police intervention (people getting tickets), We again ask for everyone’s cooperation.

Friday is the end of the first 6 week grading period and is therefore a half day. It will be a B day with classes 2,4,6,8

2     8:00-8:55

4     9:00-9:55

6     10:00-10:55

8     11:00-12:00

Please make sure all makeup work and assignments are in by Friday.

Friday will be a spirit dress day. Please review the dress code on those days in the handbook. Page 24

Student Handbook

If you are a new student and do not have a spirit shirt yet, you may wear a school polo with jeans.

Thank You,

Craig Shreckengast

High School Principal

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