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Open House, Attendance, Spirit Day and More

Open House Grades 6 - 11
We are looking forward to seeing you tonight at our open house at 6:30.
You can walk through the main building or you may walk around to the main doors of Building D.

Our average attendance is a very important number for the school. This directly reflects our state funding.
Also, students need to be in class as much as possible to receive the instruction that we are giving.
If your child needs to be absent, please email ( .

Closing the Gaps
It is very important that you are close to the car in front of you. We have many cars that are a full car length behind the car in front of them.
Working together on this will prevent cars from being backed up on the service road or on LVT.
Also, we need you to be distraction-free while moving through the car lines. Cell phone use is not allowed.
This is for our safety as well as the safety of the children.

Left Turns
I am working closely with the White Settlement Police Department regarding Las Vegas Trail (LVT) and our rear pickup line in the afternoon.
Please do not turn left onto LVT from our driveway. This is dangerous with the amount of traffic, speed and the curve.
If a wreck occurs at the end of the driveway it could potentially completely shut down afternoon dismissal causing us to reroute the rear
dismissal to the front of the building.

Spirit Day Friday
While every day has been full of spirit, we will celebrate Spirit Day this Friday.
Students may wear spirit shirts, available at Academic Outfitters, with blue jeans.
Students may also wear any spirit shirts from previous years.

Lunch Reservations
We will begin taking lunch reservations for Monday. If you have a special occasion that you would like to eat lunch with your child,
please Space is limited so please make sure you have a lunchres confirmation prior to coming in.

Please return your completed Technology Agreement Forms, which can be found on the website.
Please be sure to elect whether you want the protection plan or not.  Also, make sure to have your student sign the form as well.
A student will not be issued a computer until a completed form is returned.

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