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Pictures, Classes, and More

Pictures, Classes, and More

Good afternoon, I just wanted to get some more information out to all of the families. I’m sorry for the email blasts, but there will be a few this week with important information and then we will return to the one each Sunday.

School Pictures School pictures will be October 5th and students will need to be in uniform for these pictures. (We will do Spring pictures in free dress) If you have elected to do distance learning, but would like your student to have their picture taken in uniform for the yearbook or to purchase we will send out a sign-up genius later on for them to be able to come in that day and take a picture.

Possible Homeroom Changes Based on the number of student who have committed to Distance Learning for the second grading period we will have one homeroom teacher per grade level that will be responsible for the distance learners in that grade. Therefore, some students will have a new homeroom teacher beginning September 28th. Our goal is to leave as many homerooms undisturbed as possible. If you child is in a new homeroom that teacher will contact you by Wednesday.

Distance Teachers: Kinder: Amy Ross 1st: Mandy Martin 2nd: Sylissa Rains 3rd: Micaela Massacci 4th: Sandy Dykes 5th: Kris Cramer 6th: Taylor Grayson (4th-6th will still go to all the teachers)

Lanyards We have purchased blue lanyards for student to attach to their masks white at school. So when they taken them off for lunch or dance/PE they will wear them around their neck. The lanyards will stay at school in the student’s plastic supply tote provided by the school.

Medication Reminder If you need to turn in medication for your student to take at school starting September 28. Please make sure you do that this week. You can contact the nurse at if you have questions.

Reminders:  No Backpacks No Lunch deliveries No Visitors

Yes Lunchboxes Yes Water bottles Yes Masks (3-6 required, K-2 recommended) Yes Uniforms

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we work out all the COVID kinks this year. We are looking forward to seeing some of our students back in person on Monday.

Heather Houpt Principal

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