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Principal's Note 8/15/22- First Day of School

Dear HPA Parents and Students,

Overall today was a great first day of school. The day went smoothly and students and teachers began building the relationships that make High Point a family environment where students can thrive.

We had a few glitches with handing out technology but are working to get that straightened out. Drop off went well even with the complication of bringing in school supplies.

Pick Up was successful but could have gone more quickly with just a few adjustments. Most of all students need to be clear about which method of Pick Up you as a family are using. Please make sure your student knows wether you are planning to park at the church and them come to you or whether you plan to use the drive through and they need to wait in their classroom until your name comes up and they are dismissed to the back of D building. Making sure every student knows their plans will make a great improvement in this process.

Thank You,

Craig Shreckengast

Principal HPA

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