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Principal's Note 8/16/22- Second Day of School

Just a few important notes:

  • Students may not be dropped off until 7:30am. There is no supervision and no buildings are open prior to this time. This is a safety issue and must be followed. The earliest drop-off begins at 7:30am at the church parking lot

  • If you are picking up a student for early dismissal, you must have a valid picture ID.

  • If you are dropping off students at the church parking lot you must pull into a parking spot before students unload. Please do not stop in the drive lanes to unload.

  • Please stay off of your phones, and use extra caution while driving through the church lot or while pulling up in line around D building. We are trying to have a balance of safety versus rapid dismissal. Parent attentiveness and caution plays a vital role

  • Overall things were better today, Please help us make it faster and SAFER each day.

  • Thank You,

  • Craig Shreckengast

  • Principal

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