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Principal's Note 9/4/22

Principal's Note 9/4/22

School Holiday

Tomorrow September 5, 2022 is a school holiday. Classes will resume 9/6/22 with a normal Tuesday block schedule.

Late Arrival & Early Dismissal Procedures

All late arrivals and early dismissals need to go through the front office of the A building. These are the double glass doors closest to and face Jim Wright Freeway. Visitor parking is to the right of these doors against the building.

If your student is arriving any time after 8:15am the parent or student will need to scan the Tardy/Late Arrival QR code with their phone and fill out the quick form to check in. They can then use their badge to enter the building.

To early dismiss your student you will need to scan the Early Dismissal QR code with your phone, fill out the short form and then ring the doorbell. Someone will come to the door to check your ID and confirm you are on the student’s pick up list before the student is called out of class. Our safety procedure can take several minutes so please allow enough time.

If you need someone to pick up your student that is not on their approved list you will need to email with the name of the person picking up as well as the name of the student. You can also use this email address to let the front office know that a student driver has permission to check themselves out for an appointment. The student driver will need to stop by the front office to confirm they have permission to leave and then scan the Early Dismissal QR code to check themselves out. These QR codes date and time stamp your student into or out of school so that we can accurately keep track of their attendance.

Middle School Newsletter

Here is our very first MS Newsletter! My yearbook kids have been working very hard taking photos and putting together the newsletter and I am super proud of their hard work. Feel free to send this out to your classmates and parents if you like! I will try and send these out the last Friday of every month.

Ms. Paquette

Fieldtrip Sponsor

A special thank you to Mike Rogers and Lisa Montgomery of Fanboy's for sponsoring the Forensic Science and A&P field trip to the Houston Museum of Natural History this past week. Students were able to visit the Body Worlds & The Cycle of Life Exhibit where they followed the human body through the span of time and learned about the latest findings in anatomy, longevity, and health.

Thank you!

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