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Principals Note 8/18/22

Parents and Guardians,

The students have done very well this week with dresscode and behavior. We appreciate your help and support as we start the school year. As we wrap up this week, there are a few important reminders.

Student ID badges

All students have been issued identification badges that open the doors between buildings. Texas law now requires that all exterior doors be locked 24/7. These badges are active during the school hours (7:30 AM- 4:30 PM). All students are required to wear the badges with the lanyards provided by High Point. Lanyards are color specific to Middle (red) and High school (blue). They are specifically designed to break away to protect students from harm should they get caught on something.

Replacement badges are available for a $5 fee if lost or stolen. Students are responsible for their own badges and should not loan them to another student. All students must wear their badges and lanyards every day for security and identification purposes.

Spirit Dress Tomorrow

Because students have done well with the dresscode, they have earned Spirit Dress for this first week. Students may choose one of the following options or wear regular uniform tomorrow.

Option 1: Approved spirit shirt with the crest and jeans. Does not need to be tucked in. Jeans may not have holes above the knees.

Option 2: Approved spirit shirt with the crest and khaki pants. Does not need to be tucked in.

Please remind your student that an abuse of the Spirit Day may result in the loss of the privilege for future dates.

Thank you for your support,

Craig Shreckengast

MSHS Principal

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