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Tardies Parents, I need your help with morning tardies. We are experiencing a lot more than normal. Often, leaving home just a couple minutes early is all it takes. Can you help me reach a goal of 15 or fewer tardies each morning between now and winter break? This will help us have a good start each day as well as a good start for your children. I appreciate your help with this.

Remind I want to make sure that each one of you has the opportunity to be on my Remind messaging list. I mainly use this for quick messages such as the recent power outage we experienced just before dismissal, emergencies affecting the school, and weather related school closings. I sent a test message today around noon. If you did not receive this test message, please email

Calendar As always, please visit our HPA calendar at Our website is undergoing a fantastic change and you can navigate to the calendar or click the link in this message. You can see details about each day by hovering over the day as well as the details of each event by clicking on the event.

Principal Lott

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