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Right Turns Only

Greetings Parents & Guardians, Please make sure you are TURNING RIGHT ONLY out of our parking lot during drop-off and dismissal times. An accident was narrowly avoided this morning because someone was turning left. Please make the effort to help everyone be safe and turn right. You can go down a little ways and get in the turn lane to do a u-turn. U-TURNS are permitted when no sign is posted, once you exit right. We don't want any of our Hawk families to be in an accident. Upcoming Events Jan. 27: 100th Day of School Jan. 30: 101st Day of School Jan. 31: Reading Benchmark (3rd-5th Grade) AND Texas Roadhouse PTO fundraiser (3-10pm) Feb. 1: Science Benchmark (5th Grade ONLY) Working Together, Jana Godkin Elementary Principal High Point Academy, SFW

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