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STAAR Scores


We have reached the end of the STAAR testing season and we have received preliminary STAAR results. TEA provides these results to schools as soon as possible so that we may plan appropriately for summer school and remediation, but it is our belief that the teachers should be the ones to share STAAR results with their students.

Teachers will share STAAR testing results with their students in class if students ask; however, official STAAR Results will not be available in the Parent Portal at this time. STAAR scores will be uploaded to the Parent Portal next month.

  • End of Course Exam scores will be uploaded on 6/13.

  • STAAR 3rd-8th scores will be uploaded on 6/24.

We will be sending out an email on how to access the Parent Portal soon. Students will be made aware of their scores, but parents will not be able to access results until the dates mentioned above.

If a student needs to attend summer school or retest during the summer, that student and their guardian(s) will be made aware individually through email. Summer EOC retests will take place over the course of three days, June 21st-23rd, for high school students.

Please let me know if you have any questions, but be aware that I will not be responding to parents asking for scores before the aforementioned dates.

Feel free to contact me at:

Thank you,

Joseph Holt

Testing Coordinator

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