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Good morning,

Don’t wait til the last minute!  Our uniform provider has already prepared the 2020-2021 uniform information at the following links:  Uniform guidelines and ordering information.

The following is a message from our uniform supplier: Any customer who needs pick up an online order or have a new/returning student fitting needs to book an appointment. This will help us limit the number of customers in the store for social distancing and prevent huge lines. BUT it means that families have to be proactive and schedule their fittings earlier in the summer rather than waiting until the weeks before school. We can’t emphasize this enough … please do not wait until later in the summer or just before school to get their uniforms.

PLUS! We have the 15% off sale going on right now through June 8, and then we will be offering 10% off all items from June 9 through June 22.

We do have the ability to exchange items if a student grows before school starts, as long as the item has not been worn and still has the tags. When families get their items we remind them to keep them in the bag, with tags still on, and with the receipt until school time just in case this needs to happen. All of this info is posted on our website (and now in our Spanish section as well).

Have a wonderful summer, Heather Houpt Principal

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