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Week of September 19

Tuesday Night

Tuesday is the PTO Spirit Night at Spring Creek BBQ in Lake Worth. This is a great opportunity to not have to cook, to fellowship with other HPA families, and to support the PTO in their effort to raise money! I hope to see you all there.

Free Dress for $1--Thursday

This Thursday, students may be in free dress for $1. This is optional and if you choose not to particiaptae your student can just wear regular uniform.

Clothing must be clean, modest, and appropriate for school wear. These guidelines apply also to attire for after school classes, sports, and other school events. ● All shorts, skirts, and dresses should be no more than three inches above the knees; ● The straps of a student’s top should be at least three flat fingers across in width; ● Closed toed and closed heel shoes; ● No low cut dresses or top; ● No strapless, halter, tank, tube tops, or bare midriff style tops; ● No oversized shorts/pants worn low on hips; ● No hats; ●No t-shirts with inappropriate advertising, language, or pictures

Just a few reminders for the carline:

1. There is only 1 entrance. It is on Western Hills Blvd by the High Point sign.

2. Turn into the parking lot from the right and do not try to avoid the lib=ne by turning from the left.

3. If you are running late, both in the morning and afternoon, just go straight and tot the main building. The adults at the mods go inside at 8:00 and we do not want any student standing outside not able to get in. In the afternoon we walk all students not picked up to the main building.

4. Drive cautiously especially if you are running late. We do not want anyone hit.

Message from PTO

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 20th--Spring Creek Spirit Night

Tuesday, September 20th--Board Meeting

Thursday, September 22nd--Free Dress for $1

Have a great day,

Heather Houpt


HPA FW Elementary

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