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Welcome to the Second Week of School

Welcome to the second week of school! We had a wonderful first week and we are establishing routines and are enjoying spending time with your children. I have a consistent presence in the classrooms and I am seeing many good things as I walk through the rooms.

Here are a few upcoming events:

– Kindergarten – 5th grade open house on Thursday, August 31st.

– No school Monday for Labor Day, September 4th.

– Middle school / High school open house on Thursday, September 7th.

Please look at the HPA Public Calendar at for times and details.

Morning Drop Off

You have done a great job of getting to school on time! We are now starting drop off at our regular time of 7:30. It is essential that our mornings start at 8:00 each morning to protect instructional time. Remember that grades 6 – 11 can be dropped off at the rear building. If you arrive at the rear building at 7:59 or later you must drive around the block to the front entrance of the main building as we will have the rear drive blocked at this time. All students arriving after 8:00 must check in at the front office of the main building for a tardy pass.

Afternoon Pick Up

Our pick up times have improved dramatically since the first day. Last Friday we finished up at 40 minutes total from start to finish. We recorded a time of 25 minutes from “curb to kid” which is the time it takes a car to enter the line after it starts moving and leave the line once loaded. I will begin using time management devices in the line so that I can collect accurate data vehicle locations and time. My goal is to average 20 minutes “curb to kid.” It is important to me to reduce the time you spend in line while providing the highest safety for your children.

I highly encourage not to turn left onto Las Vegas Trail to get to south bound 820. Please turn right and follow the road around to Silver Creek. You can turn right onto Silver Creek and catch the light at 820 – this is much safer than turning left on LVT. For those exiting from the rear building directly onto LVT, please do not turn left. This causes traffic to back up and is not safe. I am working closely with the city on changes to this intersection.

-Principal Lott

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