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Words from the Wizard--Great First Day!

Great First Day

First of all, it was so fabulous to see all the students and families at 8300 West Freeway today! There is no place like Home and HPA FW Elem is finally home all in one place.Overall, the carline went pretty smooth today for the first day of a whole new system. I spoke with staff after school and we are making some adjustments to make tomorrow even better! Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Tomorrow everyone needs to use the carline for drop off and pick up

Just a few instructions for the carline:

K-1 Students and older kids who ride with them

You will enter from Western Hills Blvd and proceed in 4 straight lines. We will first move cars to the front of the building from the far right lane (closest to the fence) We will move 10 cars at a time this year. You will stop in front of the main building to unload or load students and at the end of the building TURN RIGHT to exit onto the Service Road. We have adults who will walk the 2nd-5th grade students to or from the mods.

2nd-5th grade students only

You will enter from Western Hills Blvd and immediately turn LEFT. This line snakes around eventually pulling up in front of the mods. There is green rope and arrows to help guide traffic. Go slow and pay attention or you will not be able to make the curves. In front of the mods, you will load or unload students and then proceed straight to exit onto Western Hills Blvd.

A hint for the snake line: Pull wide on the curves. The cars/trucks that pull wide didn't have any problem making the turn, whereas those who tried to stay close to the inside had to reverse.

If there is a large truck in front of you give them room and be patient as they navigate the line. I was super impressed with our large truck drivers and the way you handled things today.

Please get in the correct lane. Here is a map:

Have a good night and we will see everyone tomorrow,

Heather Houpt


HPA FW Elementary

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