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Words from the Wizard--Week of August 22

Congratulations!! We all made it through the first week of school! As I walked around in classes I saw students smiling and engaged in learning! We are settling into routines and getting in the swing of things! Thank you all for your patience and support.Just a few instructions for the carline:

Straight Lines (K-1)

You will enter from Western Hills Blvd and proceed in 4 straight lines. We will first move cars to the front of the building from the far right lane (closest to the fence) We will move 10 cars at a time this year. You will stop in front of the main building to unload or load students and at the end of the building TURN RIGHT to exit onto the Service Road. If your student cannot buckle alone, please stay in your car, when the line pulls forward you may park, get out and buckle your child prior to exiting. Please do not hold up the line buckling in the car line.

Snake Line (2nd-5th)

You will enter from Western Hills Blvd and immediately turn LEFT. This line snakes around eventually pulling up in front of the mods. There is green rope and arrows to help guide traffic. Go slow and pay attention or you will not be able to make the curves. Remember to go wide and stay next to the outside of the green rope. In front of the mods, you will load or unload students and then proceed straight to exit onto Western Hills Blvd. If possible please turn right, to avoid any backup.

Here is a map:

Gate Entrance

The gates are all 4 closed, so if you need entrance between 8:30-2:30 please call the school at 817-600-1735 and just wait patiently until we can open the gate. We want the campus to be secured so thank you for your additional patience.

Arrival for dismissal

The first week we started dismissal a little early, but starting Monday we will begin right at 3:45. We do not need to block access to the gas station at the corner so if some could show up 3:50-4:00 rather than earlier that would really help.

Senior Spirt Shirt

Here is another option for a spirit shirt if you would like to purchase one for your student. Spirit Shirts are worn on Fridays. Please order on My School Bucks

PTO Newsletter

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, August 23rd--Board Meeting 6:00

Monday, September 5th--No SchoolThank you all for sharing your students with us,

Heather Houpt


HPA FW Elementary

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