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Words from the Wizard--Week of January 2

Week of January 2

Welcome to 2023!!! We are excited to see all the students back at school on Tuesday, January 3rd! Just a few reminders: --Drop-off begins at 7:30 --At 8:00 the line to the mods is closed and everyone will need to go to the main building --At 8:05 you will need to get out and sign your student in tardy --DO NOT pass a line of cars stopped. We have a lot of students who get out on the driver's side so please do not pass on that side. --If you drop off/pick up at the main building during regular drop off/pick up times you MUST exit onto the service road. Too many people are trying to leave by the mods and have come very close to hitting students or cars. --Make sure to pack a lunch and send a water bottle --Label all jackets, water bottles, lunch boxes etc. with the student's name

Health Reminder

If your student has tested positive for COVID please notify Nurse Campbell at If your student is running a fever, vomiting, or has diarrhea please keep them home until they are free of symptoms WITHOUT medication for 24 hours. We want to keep everyone healthy so please do not give your student meds for fever or the stomach bug and send them to school.

Teacher Change Mrs. Sanchez, K-2, has taken a new position with TCU and will not be returning to HPA in January. We wish her all the best in her new endeavor. We are currently looking to fill the dance position.

PTO Newsletter

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, January 3--Students return

Wednesday, January 4--College Shirt Day, Report Card Day

Monday, January 16--No School Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Have a great day,

Heather Houpt


HPA FW Elementary

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