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Words from the Wizard--Week of October 17

Week of October 17

Open House will start at 5:30, but a pizza food truck will be there starting at 5:00 if you want to have pizza on the playground. This is a great opportunity to meet other families and get involved with the HPA Family.

I will also be going over the campus improvement plan during open house. Tardies

This is the start of the second quarter. Students with 10 tardies (after 8:05) will be assigned Saturday School. Please make sure your student arrives at school on time.

If the cones are blocking off the line down to the mods please do not go around them. Just go up to the main building. Fine Arts Website

This site has musical tryout information(Script and Song) as well as other Fine Arts News. Special Dress Days this Week

Wednesday--Report Card Day

Students may wear a college shirt and jeans/khakis on Wednesday. Report cards will come home this day as well. If you do not want to participate your student needs to be in uniform.

Thursday--Free Dress for $1

Students may be in free dress for a dollar on Thursday. If you do not want to participate your student needs to be in uniform.

PTO Newsletter

Upcoming Events

Week of Oct. 17th--Musical Tryouts

Tuesday, October 18--Board Meeting 6:00

Wednesday, October 19--Report Card Day/College Shirt Day

Thursday, October 20--Free Dress for $1

Thursday, October 20--Open House

Calendar Link: a great day,

Heather Houpt


HPA FW Elementary

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